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My name is Tanya, and I'm The one behind the camera....

established in 2015


about me

 I am a  Lifestyle and Documentary Photographer of individuals, couples and families in Middle Tennessee as well as an Artist for Offset , Cavan and a 50 Beautiful Mothers Photographer with Beauty Revived.  My  work uses a blend of minimalistic composition and natural light, along with capturing raw and authentic connections between people.  

A little about me...   I reside in Columbia,  Tennessee with my wonderful husband of 22 years and our 9 children.When it comes to wine, I choose white all the way baby!  I I love Canon and Nikon. I only shoot RAW. I love Lightroom and Photoshop, A camera is never more than a room away...

I LOOOOVE dreaming big!!! I'm often sitting and staring out the window contemplating how and when I will get to build my next dream home or envisioning myself traveling the world( I've never been out of the states!) or being a concert pianist and an artist of realism.   My favorite nights are spent cozied up watching movies with my children or a night alone sipping wine with my husband! Most days, you'll find me homeschooling my children whilst snapping pics of them and editing..... and drinking lots of coffee ( I've had to switch to decaf though )  I'm learning to say yes to things that scare me, have a bad habit of overusing exclamation marks!!!!! And I think salted caramel chocolates from Aldi are the best candy in the world.

FUN FACTS: Sweet or Salty?... Always sweet! Lipstick or Lip gloss? Lip gloss Biggest Dream? To Travel. My Go to Store? Target! Flowers or Balloons? Flowers! Favorite Movie genre? Psychological Thrillers!

about my kiddos

About Your Session

Photography is my art and my passion! I love to capture candid and raw emotion between people. My style is candid, artistic and moody.... my vision emotive and timeless. Sessions with me are calm, yet fun. I'm very down to earth and love getting to know my clients. I love to get a mix of posed and candid in my sessions, but the majority is candid imagery. I give prompts and direction a bit and play games as well as standing back and just watching as people interact naturally, all the while capturing what unfolds. This makes for authentic and  emotive connections and therefore beautiful and timeless imagery. I also make sure and get detail shots and creative crops so that creative and interesting albums can me made if one chooses to do so. Let's tell your story!


what do I wear?

This is a great question! Please visit my Pinterest Page for plenty of ideas on what to wear to a session! Just click this link: What to wear.


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