If you’ve ever looked at the LCD on your expensive, new camera like, “I wish I knew how to use this thing better,” keep reading. Imagine creating a photo that takes you back to those favorite moments with your children that seemed like yesterday.

These are the photos that are on my walls and it feels amazing to glance at my favorite memories daily. I want to teach you how to create photos that you’re proud to hang on your walls!

With summer approaching, take a second to think about your favorite summer activities. I will help train your eyes to become like little shutters and make you more con dent in using your DSLR, or even your camera phone, so you can quickly execute that shot to remember when in the moment.

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What this 2 hour Workshop is about:

  • »  Easy to implement today topics such as light, composition, seeing photo opportunities, and discovering the things you want to capture - all things you can do without camera knowledge to improve your photos fast

  • »  Basic Gear - what’s out there, what’s a ordable

  • »  Why shoot in manual mode? Brief explanation of the exposure triangle: Shutter, Aperture, ISO

  • »  Overcoming, ‘But my kid won’t let me take their photo!’ Taking candid photos to evoke memories and tell a story.

  • »   If this date doesn’t work for you, consider hosting your own workshop with me and earn

    your seat for free. Email storyteller@tanyalorraine.com to set it up.

  • »  Fun! you’ll learn, and most importantly, you’ll walk away with a better understanding in how tophotograph those everyday memories of your family.

    What this class isn’t:

    This workshop is not about the business end of photography or how to start your photography business. We will not discuss professional photography vendors for print products.

» This workshop does not cover post-processing techniques. I recommend a one on one mentoring session with me for editing help.

Take Home:

  • »  Invitation to private Facebook group for Workshop Attendees for support, questions, & to post photos showing o 

    what you’ve learned!

  • »  BONUS MATERIAL: 3 Day Photography Challenge where I critique your images ($250 value)

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    Cancelation Policy: Seats are non-refundable, however, you may transfer your seat to someone else should you end upbeing unable to attend.


    “Tanya’s photography class was super helpful in learning how to use my camera more e ectively! It’s certainly not an overnight improvement but a process of practicing with my camera. One of the best things I learned was how to optimize the lighting by e ectively using the ISO aperture and ash appropriately as well as where to take the picture from as you have the optimal lighting. Thanks Marie! I saw a signi cant improvement in my pictures in a short period of time! I look forward to continuous improvement with practice! I also learned the proper equipment to purchase when I am ready to further enhance my skills!” – Katie

    “Tanya’s class gave me the courage and direction on how to finally take my camera off auto! I still have so much to learn, but I finally have pictures that are lit well without needing a flash most of the time. And now I know the basics about my camera too. Very helpful in a short amount of time.” – Amanda

    “I finally figured out how to take my camera off AUTO and get those beautiful blurry backgrounds! I’ve also found the FB group to be very helpful. I’m still able to seek information even when class is over.” – Melissa

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