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Portraits for Great Grandma (3 simple steps for a quick portrait)

Portraits for Great Grandma  (3 simple steps for a quick portrait)

“Dear Tanya,

You are doing so great with photography so I have a request. I need a pic of the twins together and identified and a pic of each of the other Grands. Could I send money to have this done? All done in portraits?

Lots of love Grandma”

January's Favorites


I am so excited to be participating in this month’s blog circle again. It is so much fun to go around the loop and be inspired by such talented artists! This month I am linking to Lindsay Lee, Lindsay is sharing with you her personal 365 project. It’s phenomenal! Have you done a 365 yet? I have NOT, and I know I NEED to. I have heard it is a tremendous way to build photography skills. Go check her out here, Sarasota Family Photographer

I have always prided myself on not following the crowd, but for the sake of art, ( and to build my skills as a Photog in the case of a 365) I have given in! I really love the idea behind creating a grid of a month’s favorite images. I have done it a few times on Instagram and thought it would be fun to make a blog post about it too! I feel a 365 coming on soon too!


I am indoors A LOT! I home educate my 9 children ( well one is graduated, out of the house and married now) and so I have had a lot of practice in low-light situations and have fallen in love with this type of light. I think this post is a testament to that.


When I initially started shooting in low light, I just wasn’t getting what I wanted out of my images. Until I discovered creative exposure. When creatively exposing, you simply have your subject close to a single light source and keep your ISO as low as possible ( I am usually at 100-200 ) And I meter of the subjects area that is bathed in the most light ( exposing for the highlights) This will get that area of the subject correctly exposed and the rest will fall away into darkness ( a great way to hide a cluttered house!)


Of course low-light does not HAVE to be indoors. I captured a few macro images outside that I really liked this month too!


Thank you so much for scrolling through! What about you, do you shy away from low-light or do you adore it as much as I do?

4 Top Photography Education Websites

 4 Top Photography Education Websites

*I am so excited to be included in a bi-monthly photography blog loop, starting today! The ladies in this loop all vary in their genres and they are all extremely talented. They have much to share, so stay tuned and  I will link to the next artist down below. *