How to Get Started in Photography without a Professional Camera



I totally get it! You are artistic and you’ve always wanted to get into photography, or maybe once you had children you suddenly had the desire to capture every milestone. You start thinking about buying your first camera , but then you get weighed down with all that entails, let alone the cost! 


The worst advice I could possibly give you right now would be to go all out making massive investments and buying all the professional gear, etc... 


I am here to tell you..... do not fret because you don't own a professional camera yet! Getting to that professional level takes more than just owning the right gear, it takes hard work, practice, determination and experience…

Here's how to get started in photography without a camera!  


01 – Start With What You Have

Only have an iPhone? That’s totally ok!

Focus on learning composition first! Here is a wonderful article regarding composition.

You can create some pretty beautiful imagery with just an iPhone as well just Google iPhone photography, there’s tons of information.


02 – Rent The Gear

Study up on the camera and lenses you do hope to purchase at some point and rent them to try them out and find what you like!


03-Use Trial periods

Want to learn something like  Photoshop? Why not  block off 14 days on your calendar to utilize the free trial period.


04– Hunt For Free Courses, Classes & Youtube Videos

The internet has a DEEP well of free educational resources on all kinds of topics. Check out places like: 


Once you’ve decided on finally purchasing a professional camera, don’t worry about buying a bunch of lenses to start.  All you really need to get started is the, “nifty fifty.” Search that phrase on


Don’t wait for the, “perfect moment,” in order to get started. Start right now! Start with these 4 tips and let me know how it goes! 


Already started your photography business?  Got any tips to share? 

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