Photographer's Who Inspire: Getting to Know Lauren Webster

Hello fellow creatives! I am so excited to be starting this, "Photographer's Who Inspire," series! It is my  goal to feature  two  photographer each week. These photographers have been such an inspiration to me, and I know that they will be to you as well. 

Instagram has been an amazing and powerful platform for me to connect with other photographers. I really only got serious with IG about, a year ago maybe, but I have quickly made connections with some amazingly talented photographers. These ladies have been so kind and more than willing to connect and share with photographers of ALL levels, in order to inspire, learn and grow! 

I want to introduce you to Lauren Webster of Lauren Webster Photography. She is an amazingly talented Lifestyle & Documentary Photographer of Families. She is a Click Pro with and has been Featured in Dear Photographer and Click Magazine, as well as on WordPress Discover!! Lauren has a beautiful way of documenting true, authentic and emotive every day stories within her subjects,  and I absolutely adore her work!

Lauren describes herself as , “Storyteller,  Mama, Wife and Teacher, who is desperately seeking Jesus... and sleep! “ I say a big AMEN!! to that!!


Expectant Lauren and her beautiful daughter as featured in Clickin Mom's 2017 Voice Collection

Expectant Lauren and her beautiful daughter as featured in Clickin Mom's 2017 Voice Collection

I find it’s best to let the artists speak for themselves, so please read on and enjoy getting to know Lauren! 

What got you started in photography? 

“I got started in photography at a young age because I loved art and anything that allowed me to be creative. I was always looking for something to fulfill my passion to create, and since I wasn't a talented painter or sketch artist I tried photography. History has always fascinated me and the many stories that we could tell just by looking at one photograph from the past drove my desire to photograph.”

What three words describe your photographic style?

“Honest, imperfect, storytelling”

What’s your favorite compositional technique? 

“To be honest, I don’t really have one, I break a lot of rules, I think.”

Tell me a bit about your biz!

“I began to learn more about photography when my daughter was born three and a half years ago. Until then, I only knew that I loved the art. I didn't really know anything about how to take a good photo. I just knew why. So I started this journey to photograph my own family. Then, two years ago I started a business. Currently, I am running my business full time while I am on maternity leave. Documenting other families and teaching parents how to use their cameras is my passion. “

What’s one of the most interesting experiences you’ve ever had in a session?

“Watching the birth of a child. “

IMG_7783 (1).jpg

How would you describe your ultimate dream shoot?

“A dream shoot would be with a family that understands the importance of documenting life as-is with all the messes and chaos that go into an average day. I love the feeling of being able to provide a family, especially mothers, with photographs that help them see how beautiful their life is. I love photographing births and being in a home the morning of the first day of school, and I'd love to photograph an adoption one day!”

IMG_4830 (1).jpg


What’s your favourite image you’ve ever taken? (please share, and tell me the story behind the image)


“This is a hard question for me, because I have so many favorite images. The best ones are the ones that take me right back to that place in time. My newest favorite is a portrait of my daughter ( Above)  because it shows her personality so well. It makes me smile from ear to ear.”



What advice would you give to someone wanting to get started in photography? 

“The best advice I have for someone who's just starting out (and experienced photographers) is practice as often as you can, but don't get hung up on perfection. There is no perfection in art. Make photos that speak to your heart. No one can see the world you do, so don't compare your art to theirs. Never stop learning.”

If you weren’t a photographer, what would you be?

“I've wanted to be and do many things throughout my life. I am a teacher, which is one of the reasons I love teaching parents how to use their camera. I'd also love to be a baker. If I weren't a photographer, as long as I'd be creating something, I think I'd be happy.”


What is your favorite quote?

When you recover or discover something that nourishes your soul and brings joy, care enough about yourself to make room for it in your life.
— Jean Shinoda Bolen


Lauren, your work is absolutely phenomenal! Thank you so much for sharing your heart and helping us to get to know you better! You are truly an Inspirational Photographer!