Photographers Who Inspire: Getting to Know Amanda Barrick

I love featuring amazing photographers! It's such a great way to get to know talent and to learn from it! Amanda Barrick with @banjosandbows is one of my all time favorites! She's got beautiful light, beautiful tones, amazing movement and such creative and fun compositions. Have fun getting to know Amanda, her work is going to make your jaw DROP!




What got you started in photography? 

While I've always known the importance of taking pictures, when my son was born in 2013, things got real. My own parents passed away when I was 9 years old, and growing up, photos of us became incredibly important to hold on to the memories of the details of our everyday life. Becoming a mom made it even more important to capture memories for my son to look back on in the future. Eventually I started to fall in love with the art of photography and I've been trying to capture our memories with that in mind ever since. 



What three words describe your photographic style?

Warm, authentic, vibrant maybe? I know this is not a good quality, but I'm the worst at labeling my own work!



What’s your favorite compositional technique? 

I'm not sure I would say I have a favorite, but I love simplicity. I've noticed that I've been shooting vertically (portrait) much more than I have before and I've noticed that a lot of those are because of some sort of framing. Maybe it's because I've been stuck inside so much for the winter. It's always different what catches my eye or how I think I can tell the story with a more unique twist. I like to get different perspectives, look for things I can frame my subject with, create a little interest with color and lines and focus!



Tell me a bit about your biz! Are you only personal work, or a mix of personal and client? 

Right now, I'm shooting for me and the occasional friend. I'm not sure what the future holds, but venturing into more seems frightening, as I'm sure it always will. I imagine once I send my kiddo off to school, I can have more time to focus on what being in business means for me. I do work through Offset selling stock images of my life and family. That has become a cool little side job for now.




How would you describe your ultimate dream shoot or personal project? 

This is a tough one! My goal is to capture the beauty that God has put in my life. I really just want to do Him proud! Of course the ultimate way for me would be in the most beautiful, warm light!




 What’s one of the most interesting experiences you’ve ever had in a session or personal project? 

I can only come up with the typical mom stories. Nothing much exciting! Maybe some peeing on bushes or something. Not totally sure that's the kind of interesting you're looking for! Hahaha! I do find it interesting how my heart opens up when I see something I want to photograph; whether that is a moment, a detail, an object, the light. It truly makes my heart full to be able to capture those things and I think that's pretty amazing.




What’s your favourite image you’ve ever taken (please share, and tell me the story behind the image)?

In February, my little family went up to our beach on Lake Erie just to get out of the house and we happened to grab the most beautiful sunset. My husband and kiddo both had their "walking sticks" and stopped to watch the sun go down. I got behind them, got the sun in between and my son looked up to my husband and I took my favorite picture that night! It just makes me thankful for so so much in my life and when I see it, I'm reminded of how much love I have!




What advice would you give to someone wanting to get started in photography? 

I'd say to shoot from your heart. When you feel it, shoot it. When you feel anything, shoot it. I believe that even the slightest feeling from the photographer will show up in the photograph, but those feelings are what make images so powerful. This might also mean you'll be shooting a lot. And when you shoot a lot, you get more practice and you get more understanding of how to capture that feeling better. There will be mistakes, there will be successes. In fact, there will be many many more mistakes than successes, but that's what makes it a process. 




If you weren’t a photographer, what would you be?

I was a high school physics teacher for five years before becoming a mother and after the sixth year, my husband and I decided to make some sacrifices and changes so that I could stay home with our kiddo. Photography happened after that. It eventually became a piece of myself. In fact it took me a long long time for me to claim the title of photographer (I still have some reservations, especially because of my business status), but I've come to realize that being a photographer is a whole lot more about what and how you see the world as opposed to a profession.  I sincerely believe that God gave me this gift for a purpose and I couldn't image having this sort of passion for anything else. Perhaps I would find my way back to the classroom, but that life is so much different from the life I see right now because of photography.

Thank you so much for sharing with us Amanda! Can you see why I am so obsessed with her work? It's absolutely phenomenal and I am inspired by it daily, I know you will be too! 

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Tanya Lorraine