Minimalist Photography : 4 Tips for Creating Beautiful Minimalistic Photography

What is Minimalism? Merriam-Webster defines it as a style or technique ( as in music, literature, or design) that is characterized by extreme spareness and simplicity. When digging into the history we find that minimalism is, " An art movement that began in post-World War II Western art, most strongly with American visual arts in the 1960s and '70s." ( Wikipedia) 


I don't know about you, but I ADORE this style. I have a chaotic house full ( 9 children to be exact) And I think that is probably why I am so drawn to this style. It gives me a sense of order, peace, and calmness. Recently I had a mommy meltdown over our never ending laundry and messy laundry room. My husband told me I needed to leave the house for a while, so I did. AND I took my camera of course. 

I thought I would share 3 quick tips, in the hope that this may inspire you to employ more minimalism in your life. 

1. Composition Matters: This is very important in order to create a strong visual impact for the viewer. I love to use the, "the rule of thirds." As well as strong lines and shapes. I almost always will shoot wide open ( the lowest aperture number) I am usually at f/ 1.4 or f/2.0. This gives a very shallow depth of field and really helps your subject to stand out. Be sure you focus in on the subject as well. 


2. Keep it Simple: The subject is very important and is the focal point of your shot. Decide what will be in your frame and what you will leave out. The space that you leave around your subject helps to make it stand out. Don't be afraid to crop out any unwanted distractions from your frame. 

3. Use Lines: Using horizontal or vertical lines can create a very visually appealing composition. Lines draw the eye towards what is important in the shot and gives a sense of structure. 


4. Color: Color!! It is obviously very eye-catching ( especially when bright!)  It creates such a strong impact! Try using complementary, contrasting, and even a single color.  



 Of course, there's so much more to this, but that's a start! Thank you for reading, and please add to this list! What tips do you have for minimalism?

Now head on over to Anna Rasmussen’s page for some inspiration from her recent Okinawa Family Portrait Session! I love how she captures connection and her use of light is superb!