Growing your Photography Business with a Blog Loop

The Blog Loop! 

Hello there fellow creatives! What are your goals for your business this year? I for one, am really hoping to get going taking clients on,  and creating a successful photography business this year.  My friends over at Shootdotedit have created a wonderful comprehensive guide on how to start a photography business. You do NOT want to miss this! Please go check it out here. 

Another method I have been using to try and grow my business is through blog loops. Every where I research I read about how blogging is THE way to grow your business and really get recognized and ranked in Google. So, naturally being a part of a loop with others will encourage people to go from one blog to the next and therefor help build your sites SEO. 

One of my loops is called Share the Light 10 on 10, where we take 10 of our favorite images from the past  month and share them in a blog post on the 10th of every month. 10 of us then link up to eachother's posts and then go through the loop and help eachother build our traffic. I highly encourage you to do this as well.... seek out anyone who inspires you and start asking if anyone is interested. It was really quite easy to get started and happened very fast. I am excited to share with you all 10 of my favorite images ( see below)  from this past month. I am totally in love with moody, dramatic imagery so you will always see a lot of black and whites and low lit imagery. : ) I hope you enjoy! 

Beyond blogging  I have also gotten myself involved in quite a few photography projects this year  in the hopes that I can really grow in this art. Most  of the projects that I am involved in are on Instagram. I love Instagram, it's the perfect platform for photographers and I have made so many like minded friends. I am invloved in around 4 different themed loops on IG, as well as being one of the moderators for a group called Our Light Within, which focuses on indoor light.  I have also started my first P-52 ( which stands for Project 52) This project is on IG as well as Facebook and  this project invloves taking 1 image a week focusing on 1 different technique every month equaling 52 images for the year.

I am so excited about this year! Being a part of these personal projects are so good at keeping me accountable and keeping me picking up my camera every day. The more you practice, the better you get. I can't wait to  see where this year will take me.  I am also really close to applying to become a Click Pro with  I plan to apply by the end of August as I am still curating my portfolio. One of the things I wanted in my portfolio were images taken in beautiful Traverse City, Michigan and guess where I am on vacation right now? Ahh! I am so excited! I also have a couple of friends who are helping me to meet this deadline. Megan Tulley Boggs with and Amber Talbert with www.AMBERTALBERTPHOTOGRAPHY.COM They are both already Click Pro's and their work is absolutely stunning! So stay tuned for that...  I am pretty nervous about this but I am telling  myself to be strong and even if I don't make it on the first try, just don't give up!

What about you? Do you blog? I would love to join you in a blog loop, reach out in the comments below. Are you involved in any personal photography projects? I would love to hear about them in the comments below.  And please continue this loop and  check out what my awesome  friends are up to with their photography journey. Follow the link here for amazing  inspiration! Next up is  Melissa Langknecht  Rich

Thank you so much for stopping by! xoxoxo