Embracing Harsh Light: 4 Tips

How can you embrace shooting in harsh light?! Shooting in harsh light is something that I have really, really feared. Low light and Golden Hour Sessions are my absolute fave!! But alas, spring has sprung ( though the trees here are pretty confused as it's been a chilly spring. )  and naturally the kids want to get out and play, and I don't blame them; pent up energy, tired of school and sooo ready for summer!! I finally came to the realization that I had better start accepting, that sometimes, I am going to have to shoot in harsh light. If you are like me and kinda dread it, here are four tips to help make your harshlight sessions a success. 


Tip One: Accessorize 

Create directional light by tiliting the subjects chin up towards the sun, or make use of fun accessories like this cute hat I got from Target! Other accessories that can  be used are, umbrellas, scarfs or hoods. 


Tip Two: Watch your Shadows

Watch your shadows; make sure that you are not casting your own shadow into the image, and also watch the shadows that your subject is casting. Sometimes the shadows can be cast in an interesting way and then converted into black and white for a creative image. My son does have some shadows cast on his upper body and face here, but I lightened it up in post processing and I feel that this image still works. It definitely helps that he is looking down and tying his shoe


Tip Three: Capture your Subject from Behind.

Have them face away from you. This way you don't have to be  concerned about harsh and unnapealing shadows falling on the face at all.  I have also liked the added mystery in imagery where the subject is facing away from the camera. 


Tip Four: Seek out Shade!

This can be the open shade of trees or bushes... or the shade of a building or in this case this little play house my son is peeking out of. Anywhere that there is enough shade  for there to be an even amount of light on the face. 


And there you have it! 4 Tips for shooting in harsh light! Easy right? What are your favorite tips for shooting in harsh light? Comment below!

Could not get my boy of this fun little swing and grandma and grandpa's, lol!

Could not get my boy of this fun little swing and grandma and grandpa's, lol!