Beautiful Imagery: The ONE Thing You Need!

I am a SAHM and I home educate my nine children. Yes, you read that right,  I have nine children!! :) Actually one is now graduated and will be getting married this coming July ( I am so excited about this!) My days are full of the seemingly mundane. The same thing every day, get up, get ready for the day, eat breakfast, do chores, start school by 9 am. I usually get everyone started and then I sit down at the computer to work on editing for a bit.  One of my littles, Esther always comes over to me and cuddles at my feet or just needs to be near me in some way while I am there.  My desk is set up near a large window at the moment and so I noticed this glorious light coming through and I just had to capture her in it. As I was going through the images, I realized I was just capturing the little things, things she does everyday and I didn't have her dressed up all frilly and I wasn't trying to pose her and what made these images work was..... you guessed it LIGHT! It's really a no brainer right? If you have been reading anything at all about photography, you know that all you really need is beautiful light and learning a little about composition. You can even start learning these things and using your i-phone if that is all you have right now. I absolutely love the website and highly encourage you to join them if you have any interest in photography at all. I am providing the link to a wonderful little article about light and how to find it to improve your images.


It took me about 5-10 minutes to capture these images. I just followed along and watched her play in this beautiful light and captured her doing what she does everyday. Click on the links above and check out the tips and start implementing today and let me know how it goes! I'd love to hear from you! xoxoxo  Interested in a session with me? Click the button below!