Ron + Kaylyn One Year together

I am so excited that my oldest child, Kaylyn, has found the love of her life and is engaged to be married this coming July! I can't believe I am old enough for this! I am truly excited to be gaining a son- in- LOVE though and these two are perfect for each other. Kaylyn asked me to capture a few shots of them together so she could post one on their one year anniversary ( which was Dec. 04) So we went drove down the street a ways and found a nice little spot near the river here in Columbia. Middle Tennessee is so beautiful and there are so many wonderful places for photography. The weather stays so mild for so long here too and I absolutely love that. It was a perfect day for a photo session. 


These images turned out beautifully. They were so fun to work with because they both are so goofy and  there was a lot of laughter, as you can see.  I love the emotion and connection they have and it truly shines in these images.  Also, this session was very special  to me because I knew the big secret, that Ron was going to propose within the next few days. Ron and Kaylyn, I am so happy for you guys and I love you both very much! I am so excited for what the future holds! xoxoxo