In a Photography Rut? Here are 10 Things to Photograph in Your Home Right Now!

Are you in a photography rut too my friend? I totally feel ya! When it comes to picking up our cameras to photograph every day, there can come a point when we feel like our creativity is completely zapped; like we have photographed EVERYTHING!!

I am a homeschooling mother of 9 children and I am at home A LOT! It goes with out saying that  when it comes to photographing my everyday, I get plenty of practice in the same spot... my own home. It makes sense that at some point I would feel like there's nothing left to photograph, or that my home isn't clean enough or that my children are being little hellions, blah, blah, blah...... 

All this negativity can start creeping in and it can keep me from picking up the camera; but friends,  this is not good! If I want to excel at this wonderful craft, and capture beautiful and meaningful memories that are there for me to look through when I'm old and grey, then I need to pick up my camera every day!  It takes dedication and it is not always going to be  easy, but it will  always worth it! 

Are you a list maker? Well I am, and I have created this list of  10 things you can photograph in your home right now! This has helped me out of my photography rut. I would love for you to try these things and show me how you do!! Add to the list even..... I would love for you to comment below and let me know what other things you have found to photograph in your home right now! Also, # 10 is one of my favorites, check out my last post on it :Self Portraits With A DSLR: Easy 4 Step Guide

Keep shooting my friends! xoxoxox Tanya 


1. Preparing a meal


2. What's in your bowl


3. What's in your fridge


4. Kitchen sink


5. Your Night Stand

2017-10-11 06.13.20.jpg

6. Stairways

2017-03-24 21.52.41.jpg

7. Windows


8. Doorways


9. What's in your hands



10.  A Self Portrait

2017-08-09 04.00.00.jpg